New 2019 Features

Accomplish more in 2019

with these new features!


Duplicate User Protection

Duplicate User Protection protects administrators from inadvertently adding a single user multiple times. Our system now alerts an administrator before adding a user with the same first or last name and email address.

Software Integration

We’ve created API to enable organizations to integrate services provided by Abuse Prevention Systems with management systems and other platforms. Assign Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, Skillful Screening Training, and order background checks within your organization’s existing software. Learn more about API here.

Mobile Friendly

All Abuse Prevention Systems training videos are now officially compatible with mobile devices, so staff members and volunteers can complete trainings and quizzes on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. We want completing Abuse Prevention Systems trainings to be convenient for volunteers willing to give their time to the children and youth at your organization.

Direct Sign-Up link

Introducing the Direct Sign-Up link: a new way for administrators to add users and send trainings. Administrators may now create a single link enabling users to add and send training themselves (without an administrator’s involvement). Safety System Administrators may enable this feature on the Organization Settings page.

Redesigned Homepage

The homepage has been reimagined to increase efficiency. The Recent Activity window enables administrators to see recent account actions at-a-glance and the Latest Updates section will communicate news surrounding important changes in legislation or standards of care, best practices, local events, etc.

Quick Edit Button

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. We added an edit button on the Manage Users page so that administrators can easily view and edit a user’s profile within a single click.

Editable Email Templates

The Skillful Screening Training email template is now customizable! Write custom text, modify the subject line, and select the ‘send from’ email address so that it’s fully personalized to your specific program.

Apply Tags In Bulk

You asked, and we heard! Administrators may now apply tags to groups of users at one time on the Manage Users page by checking the boxes of the users and clicking the new Apply Tags button at the top of the screen.