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Exciting updates have arrived for Abuse Prevention Systems members designed to streamline workflow and enhance your overall experience!

Abuse Prevention Systems continues to create valuable Training content to prevent sexual abuse.

New Trainings added in 2023:

  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training for Special Needs
  • Protecting Vulnerable Adults: Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training made compliant for California Organizations by including supplemental information meeting the requirements of CA law (AB506)
  • Parent/Guardian Training: Message to Men
  • Sexual Harassment Training: Supervisors
  • Sexual Harassment Training: Staff Members


Expanded Tag Functionality

Enhance your organizational capabilities with our new Tag categories and privacy controls, allowing you to categorize information efficiently and restrict Tag visibility for added confidentiality.


Extended Billing Options for Canada and Mexico

We've included Canada and Mexico in our billing options, facilitating smoother transactions and expanding our service accessibility in North America.


Customizable Email Template for Background Checks

Elevate your Background Check communications with customizable email templates, designed to align seamlessly with your Organization’s brand and communication style.


Dashboard Link

Streamline communication with a single dashboard link, allowing Users to view all pending items in one location, reducing the clutter of multiple emails.


Custom Columns on Manage Users

Tailor your User management by adding columns featuring your chosen labels and input types - date boxes, text boxes or check boxes. This feature is designed to capture the exact information you need about your Users, enhancing organizational efficiency and customization.


These new features stem from our commitment to improving your experience within our platform. We can't wait for you to try them out and hear your feedback!


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