Child Services

Parents rely upon children’s programming to educate their children and enrich their lives.  Regardless of the program chosen, parents want to know that their child will be safe with caregivers.

  • “What is this program doing to protect my child?”

  • “What should your program do to prevent child sexual abuse?”

Why are children at risk in children’s programs?

One core reality in children’s programming is this: the risk of sexual abuse is ensnaring children in rising numbers, and many adults entrusted with protecting children simply don’t have the facts about sexual abuse or sexual abusers. Given this reality, sexual abusers continue to move in the shadows created by ignorance and denial.

What should children’s programs do to prevent sexual abuse?

Abuse Prevention Systems provides unique resources for children’s programs, including:

  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training appropriate for program employees, volunteers and caregivers
  • Training for screening personnel and sample forms for applications, references and interviews, as part of the Skillful Screening Process
  • Safety Policies and Procedures that dovetail with Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
  • Criminal Background Checks adapted by the client to fit the specific position
  • The MinistrySafe online Control Panel, giving administrators the ability to easily monitor the 5-Part Safety System

"As former law enforcement officers, we understand the risks associated with sexual abuse of children. HOPE Farm implemented the 5-Part Safety System designed by Abuse Prevention Systems, and we are convinced that the environment at HOPE Farm is safer for the youth we serve, as well as the staff. We highly recommend that any entity serving children put similar measures in place."

Gary Randle
Executive Director
Noble Crawford
Program Director

Are you ready to
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