Daycares & Preschools

A child’s first experience with socialization and the dynamics of a school setting is often in a preschool or a daycare. This experience sets the standard for all other interactions. The risk of sexual abuse at school is real, and our children in daycares and preschools are not immune.

Concerned parents are asking:

  • “What is my preschool doing to protect my child?”

  • “What should daycares be doing to address this risk?”

Why are children at risk in daycare & preschool?

Parents see media coverage related to sexual abuse in preschools and daycares and wonder if their child could be in danger. Reports indicate preschoolers often do not have the vocabulary or awareness to report occurrences of abuse or molestation. These, the youngest of victims, only know that they are being hurt in a manner they don’t understand.

Preschoolers are at risk because teachers and staff members responsible for supervising children do not recognize barrier testing and the grooming process of the abuser.

What should preschools & daycares do to prevent sexual abuse?

Abuse Prevention Systems provides preschools and daycares with state-of-the-art tools and trainings created by attorneys who are sexual abuse experts, staying abreast of evolving state reporting, training and screening requirements.

Abuse Prevention Systems preschool and daycare resources include:

  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training for teachers, volunteers and preschool or daycare employees
  • Training for screening personnel and sample forms for employee and volunteer applications, references and interviews, as part of the Skillful Screening Process
  • Preschool and Daycare Safety Policies and Procedures that dovetail with Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
  • Criminal Background Checks adapted by the client to the specific position
  • The MinistrySafe online Control Panel, giving administrators the ability to easily monitor the 5-Part Safety System

Are you ready to prevent
sexual abuse in your
daycare or preschool?