Our Mission

Our mission is to protect children and those who serve them.

Abuse Prevention Systems was created by legal professionals who are sexual abuse experts. After decades of litigating sexual abuse cases, Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris founded Abuse Prevention Systems to help ministries meet legal standards of care and reduce the risk of sexual abuse by creating preventative measures tailored to fit the needs of child-serving programs. With over 60 years combined experience in sexual abuse litigation, consultation and crisis management, Love & Norris understand the risk of sexual abuse and how it unfolds in children’s programming.

Since Abuse Prevention System’s inception, more than 20,000 organizations have trained over 1.2 million staff members and volunteers, on six continents in various languages.

On average, Abuse Prevention Systems trains 30,000-35,000 people each month—live and online.

At Abuse Prevention Systems, we help you protect children and those who serve them.