Price Change

Effective June 1, 2024

Starting June 1st

We're introducing a price increase to continue to protect children and those who serve them.

* Contact Customer Support if this creates financial hardship.

* If your organization is operating under a group arrangement this may not affect you.
Contact your Group Administrator to confirm.

The Trainings and resources offered by Abuse Prevention Systems (APS) have expanded significantly since 2016, when we last implemented a price change.


In 2024, APS offers 9 variations of Sexual Abuse Awareness Training in 10 languages, and a dozen additional Trainings covering topics from Skillful Screening to Third-Party Facilities Use.


Over the past 8 years, Members have experienced a tremendous expansion of Control Panel functionality - including the modifications and improvements listed below.

Awareness Training

  • Updated to include 8 specialty segments
  • Dedicated Spanish translation
  • Customizable Training Playlists
  • Closed captioning in English and 10 other languages
  • Integration into online management softwares
  • User-Pay Training options

New Trainings

  • Skillful Screening Training
  • Peer-to-Peer Sexual Abuse Training
  • Parent/Guardian Training
  • Sexual Harassment Training: Supervisors & Staff Members
  • Child Safety Workshop
  • Background Checks Training
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Reporting Child Sexual Abuse
  • AB506 (California Law)
  • Third-Party Facilities Use
  • Agents and Underwriters Training
  • Sexual Abuse Awareness Training for Vulnerable Adult Programs

Control Panel Features


  • Training reminder emails with settings to change frequency and duration
  • Resend Training button
  • Customizable Training email templates
  • Automatic Training renewals
  • Streamlined Training Dashboard
  • Downloadable Training handouts
  • Extensive Training Library


  • Ability to add columns to the Manage Users Dashboard
  • Direct Sign-Up Link allowing Trainees to enter contact information into the database
  • Duplicate User protection
  • Expanded tracking of actions within the Control Panel
  • Tracking the history of User notes


  • Customizable Background Check email templates
  • Background Check reminder emails: changing frequency and duration
  • Automatic Background Check renewals
  • User-Pay Background Checks
  • External Background Check tracking
  • Additional Background Check services: employment verifications, credit checks and references


  • User Dashboard allowing Trainees to complete all assigned Trainings and Background Checks
  • Email template: sending Trainees to the User Dashboard


  • Customizable Tag viewing
  • Expansion of viewing and editing settings for Supervisors
  • Administrator-Only Tags
  • Tag Categories


  • Significant expansion of Document Library
  • Snapshot/Archive of Control Panel
  • Expansion of services to Canada and Mexico
  • Expansion of reporting capabilities

Featured Integrations

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  • Extensive custom API facilitating orders of Training and Background Checks
  • Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) compliant tool

44+ Employees


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