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children from the devastating
consequences of sexual abuse.

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Know the Facts About

Sexual Abuse & Sexual Abusers

Sexual abusers will seek access to children where protective barriers are low

  • Protective barriers in child-serving organizations tend to be critically low, creating a target for predators

  • Ongoing failure to address this issue results in increased risk to children in programs

Less than 10% of sexual abusers will EVER encounter the criminal justice system

  • A Background Check alone is NOT an effective Safety System

  • Sexual abusers KNOW when there is no criminal record to be found

  • Background Checks are vital, but they have limitations and are NOT a silver bullet

There is NO visual profile for molesters

  • Most molesters appear helpful, trustworthy and responsible

  • Abusers come from all segments of society and many are married, educated and have families

90% of victims are abused by someone they know and trust

  • Abduction offenses (the ‘snatch and grab’) are a fraction of sexual abuse occurrences

  • Sexual abusers groom children and gatekeepers prior to sexual behavior

  • Staff members and volunteers are gatekeepers and MUST understand and be able to recognize the abuser’s ‘grooming process'

The-Risk-Pie-Chart-UPDATED V2-2023

1 out of 4 girls &

1 out of 6 boys

will be sexually abused before the age of 18

The Myth of

'Stranger Danger'

90% of children are abused by someone they know and trust-

Sexual abuse is an issue of

EPIDEMIC proportion.


Studies show there are

60 Million

sexual abuse survivors in the United States.

With a population of 300 Million:

1 out of 5 Americans were sexually

abused before reaching 18 years of age.

On average, the convicted male molester begins victimizing children at thirteen or fourteen years of age—and the average age at criminal prosecution is 35 years of age.

Before prosecution occurs, many convicted abusers have hundreds of victims.


of sexual abuse victims will never talk about the abuse until adulthood,

if ever.


of victims are abused by someone they know and trust.

These statistics apply to all socioeconomics, racial groups, demographics, and denominations.
Without good information, you simply won’t spot the problem.


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At the core of an effective Child Safety System is this reality: what we BELIEVE shapes what we DO.  Prevention starts with awareness.