The Safety System

Programs that serve children and youth play a vital role in the lives of our children and in our community. These programs help to develop each child’s intellectual, social, spiritual or physical capacity. As they serve, leaders cannot forget their responsibility to safeguard each child, as well as those who serve them.

Abuse Prevention Systems was created by legal professionals who are sexual abuse experts. After decades of litigating sexual abuse cases, Gregory Love and Kimberlee Norris founded Abuse Prevention Systems to help organizations meet legal standards of care and reduce the risk of sexual abuse by creating preventative measures tailored to fit the needs of camps, schools, youth sports, daycares and other children’s programs.

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The 5-Part Safety System

Abuse Prevention Systems offers a comprehensive program utilizing a 5-Part Safety System that creates overlapping layers of protection to ensure no situation is overlooked. Abuse Prevention Systems offers customized systems of protection to fit each program type.

The 5-Part Safety System provides a framework for sexual abuse prevention in your children’s program.

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Awareness Training

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training provides the foundation for Abuse Prevention Systems‘ 5-Part Safety System.

What we believe shapes what we do, and much of what we believe about child sexual abuse is based on misinformation and misconceptions. Sexual Abuse Awareness Training identifies these misconceptions and replaces them with information valuable to protect children.  Read more

Skillful Screening Process

Once staff members and volunteers have completed Sexual Abuse Awareness Training, it’s necessary to address your organization’s screening process to ensure that the right team is onboard. The Skillful Screening Process, designed by experts in child sexual abuse litigation, enables administrators, hiring managers and organizational leaders to better discern if an applicant or volunteer has the right motives for working with children. Read more

Policies and Procedures

Abuse Prevention Systems’ sample Policies and Procedures balance the organization goals with the risks inherent in children’s programming. Effective Policies and Procedures minimize or prevent risk. Policies are truly effective only when they are designed to address the concerns of your unique program type. Read more

Background Checks

Background Checks are an important element of the 5-Part Safety System, but they cannot serve as a stand-alone screening system because less than 10 percent of sexual abusers ever encounter the criminal justice system. At the same time, there are distinct advantages to utilizing a carefully designed and legally compliant Background Check process. Read more

Monitoring and Oversight

After the Safety System is put in place, the work continues. The 5-Part Safety System includes checks and balances to monitor supervision, training compliance and system accountability. Read more