Awareness Training


This foundational training is the single most important step an organization can take to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse. When staff members and volunteers are equipped with the ‘eyes to see’ the grooming process of an abuser and key indicators of child sexual abuse, they are better able to protect children in their care.

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An Effective

Child Safety System Requires All Five Parts

Why is Sexual Abuse Awareness Training important?

Many believe that child sexual abuse can’t happen in their organization, or that no one they know could be an abuser. This illusion of safety is often found in schools, camps and many other child-serving organizations.

This illusion is dangerous to both the organization and the children it serves. Sexual abusers find those places where the barriers of protection are lowest, where people are more trusting and where fewer barriers exist between service applicants and children. 

In our culture, barriers to entry tend to be lower in child-serving organizations. We help you ‘raise the bar’, and the first step is to better understand the problem.  When volunteers and staff members learn the facts, they are better able to protect children in their care.

What do we need to know to protect our children?

Sexual Abuse Awareness Training is key in equipping staff members and volunteers to better understand the risk of child sexual abuse. Typically, our beliefs are shaped by our personal experience, the experiences of our friends and family and the media. For most of us, sexual abuse of children is not a reality we want to confront, so many of us choose to remain uninformed. Media coverage is incomplete, leaving us with an inaccurate picture of the scope, breadth or shape of child sexual abuse.

To better protect children in our programs, we must realize that the problem is significant and growing, and that abusers have no visual profile. We must be able to recognize predators behaviorally. Our Sexual Abuse Awareness Training  equips employees and volunteers with the 'eyes to see' the grooming process of an abuser and key indicators of child sexual abuse.


Sexual Abuse Awareness Training provides the first step in Abuse Prevention System’s 5-Part Safety System.

Awareness Training?

These additional sessions of our awareness training

provide program-specific grooming information.


How can schools and educational facilities address this risk?

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