Youth Sports

Cases of sexual abuse related to youth sports are becoming increasingly commonplace.

As child sexual abuse continues to draw the public eye, concerned parents are asking questions:

  • “What is this sports program doing to protect my child?”

  • “What should youth sports programs be doing to address this risk?”

Why are children at risk in youth sports?

Young athletes are taught to trust the coach, an adult in a position of authority. The right coach can have an incredibly positive impact on a child’s life—teaching and modeling sportsmanship, competition and teamwork. The wrong coach can cause serious damage.

Unfortunately, a growing number of sexual predators are using youth sports to gain access to children.

What should youth sports programs do to prevent sexual abuse?

Abuse Prevention Systems provides unique resources for youth sports programs, including:

  • Sport-Specific Sexual Abuse Awareness Training appropriate for coaches, volunteers and youth sports employees
  • Training for screening personnel and sample forms for applications, references and interviews, as part of the Skillful Screening Process
  • Sport-Specific Policies and Procedures that dovetail with Sexual Abuse Awareness Training
  • Criminal Background Checks adapted by the client to fit the specific position
  • The Abuse Prevention Systems online Control Panel, giving Administrators the ability to easily monitor the 5-Part Safety System

"Abuse Prevention Systems provides the most sophisticated and comprehensive sexual abuse prevention training available in the field today, offering comprehensive risk management programs which incorporate current research on child sexual abuse prevention practices."

Wayne D. Duehn, Ph.D., ACSW, LMSW-AP
Professor of Social Work

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